Frequently Asked


Below are some commonly asked questions that you may find reading to be useful before picking up the phone






What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?

While the processes of Counselling and Psychotherapy overlap and there are some similarities there are also differences to what the two offer. As a general term Counselling works with an individual’s established resources whereas Psychotherapy works to develop new resources if the old ones are no longer working or serving a person. For this reason Psychotherapy is a longer term service as it aims to go a little deeper and look at the root causes for the issues you are struggling to deal with in the here and now. This may mean that the results take longer to establish and at times you may still feel conflicted or stuck. However working this way allows for change to become well established and long lasting. Counselling can last for as little as ten sessions and tends to be more focused on a specific issue or problem as opposed to looking at the underpinning issues. Many times Counselling can turn into Psychotherapy if after some focused work the individual wishes to start to delve a little deeper or finds that it has brought other issues to the surface. I am happy to provide you with the service that you want and together we will decide if your work will be short or long term. The final decision, however, rests with you.

Do I need to be referred by a Health Professional?

No, some people like to consult with their GP first however it is not a requirement. You can self refer. You are free to email or call me if you wish to discuss making an appointment and through this initial contact I will get some idea of the difficulties presenting for you and we will look at making an initial appointment.



What happens during my initial appointment?

During your first appointment I will ask you to talk to me about the issues that are presenting for you and what you wish to achieve through coming to Counselling or Therapy. I will also do my best to answer any questions you may have about myself and Psychotherapy and what to expect and tell you about how I work. If after the first fifty minutes you and I decide we are happy to work together we will begin our sessions on a weekly basis for an agreed period of time. If I feel that I am unable to help you I will refer you to a therapist I believe more competent to work with you and your presenting issues. In this instance I would not charge you.

How am I safeguarded?

Therapy is a confidential service for you. As such I am bound by a strict code of ethics. I undertake regular Supervision with a UKCP registered professional. This ensures that my work with each and every client is carefully considered. I also hold Professional Indemnity Insurance. What is discussed in your therapy remains strictly between you and I unless you are involved in serious illegal activity or there is a danger of you harming yourself or someone else. From time to time I may discuss my sessions with you with my Supervisor for my own benefit as a therapist and for yours as my client. During this process, however, you, the client will never be identified.