Our Reactions

Reacting in ‘the same old way’ in Psychotherapeutic terms probably means you are engaging in Script behaviour that may no longer suit your needs or who you are. I addressed the concept Life Scripts in my previous post.

As a child, when this Script was developed maybe you didn’t have a choice.

Maybe you learnt to react in a certain way to best get your needs met, to please others or to simply be able to survive.

Maybe you emulated how your parents or primary caregivers reacted to situations believing this was the most effective or only way.

Maybe you didn’t have a choice then.


Now you do have a choice however. If your old ways of being and reacting are no longer allowing you to live the way you wish to – they can be adapted, changed and re-learnt to better serve you in the here and now.

Psychotherapy can help as a way of addressing these ‘old ways’ and helping you to look for and establish ‘new ways’ that are all yours and no one else’s. If they are yours then YOU are in control of them. YOU and no one else.



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