The Tide.

A really useful visual tool for anxious thoughts.


Close your eyes and imagine the waves pulling in and out of the shore. They always come back. And as long as they always come back everything is always fleeting. Try and imagine your thoughts in this same way. Moveable and evolving. As tough and unmanageable as life can feel at times the tide always continues to flow in and out. Now notice your breath. Breathe in and out, slow and steady. Like the tide we can ebb and flow. 

When we feel out of control we have a desire to cling on to any form of control we can find. This can create anxious thoughts because sometimes we are seeking to achieve the impossible. If we feel out of control sometimes we need to try and surrender to the unknown and trust that the tide will always turn. 

I know this is often easier said than done. It is, however universally true. 

If things feel too stuck and uncomfortable counselling can help you to find a way through.

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